FAQ – Super Wireless Charger


Q1: Can I charge my phone with a phone case?
Sure! The Super Wireless Charger works perfectly with the cases up to 5mm. The metal/magnetic cases are not recommended since their material would block/affect the magnetic field of the wireless charger.

Q2: Can the chargers also charge other phones besides iPhone?
Yes! our 3-in-1 Super Wireless Chargers have both iPhone and Android versions and are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices(no matter iPhone, Samsung, or other brand). As long as your smartphone supports Qi wireless charging technologies, the all-in-one Super Wireless Charger gets you covered👌 🥳,

Q3: Does it really charge all 3 devices at the same time?
Absolutely! As long as your power input is from a wall plug stand alone, not from a laptop or power bank), it can charge all 3 devices at once, and also 4X faster than a regular charger.

Q4: Would you provide the wall plug adaptor in the charger package?
Since everyone has one or more wall plug adaptors already, we decide to reduce your extra adaptor cost and offer you FREE SHIPPING for the reduced package instead.